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Associate Pastor of Family Ministries

Immediate Supervisor: Senior Pastor
Hours: Full-time

Summary of Position
The Associate Pastor of Family Ministries will work with the church leadership to create ministries and
opportunities for preschool, grade school, youth, college students and their families to fully participate
in the life of the church and engage the community as an act of discipleship.

Education and Experience Requirements
Graduation from an accredited four-year college or university and preferably graduation from or
pursuant of a theological education from an accredited school.

Knowledge, Skills and Ability Requirements

  • Abilities in leadership development, administration, technology, and human relations.

  •  Ability to preach on a limited basis.

  • A working knowledge of Baptist polity, organizational structures and issues of the day.

Special Requirements/Personal Qualifications

  • Ordination (or seeking ordination) as a Baptist Minister.

  • A growing vital relationship with God through Jesus Christ.

  • A personal sense of God’s call to vocational Christian ministry.

  • A student of the Bible and active Christian witness through personal evangelism.

  • Motivation to serve God through a local church family.

Specific Duties/Tasks

     A. Minister

1. Assist in planning and participate in worship experiences.
2. Assist in or conduct special services, Bible studies, weddings or funerals as requested.
3. Assist the Senior Pastor and church membership with the total visitation program of the
4. Be available to provide basic counseling for church members as requested.
5. Supervise the planning, coordinating, conducting and evaluation of educational and
discipleship opportunities.
6. Serve as a member of the Church Council. With the Senior Pastor, lead in developing a
church calendar and the scheduling of special events.
7. Be present at all church-wide functions; participate in Sunday and Wednesday programs of
worship and discipleship.


B. Minister to Families

1. Guide, promote and administer, in cooperation with the leaders of the church, Christian
education opportunities as it relates to preschool, grade school, youth and college students.
2. Work in cooperation with the Nominating Committee in selecting, enlisting, and training
preschool, grade school, youth and college leadership.
3. Plan and conduct special training focused on education and motivation for preschool, grade
school, youth and college ministry leaders and parents.
4. Work with organizational leaders to coordinate outreach for preschool, grade school, youth
and college ministries.
5. Maintain a calendar of ministries for preschool, grade school, youth and college students,
coordinating it with the Church Council and church calendar.
6. Organize and assist in educational projects such as Vacation Bible School, camps, and
7. Work with preschool, grade school, and youth committees assisting them in determining
ministry goals.
8. Prepare and submit to the Finance Committee the annual budget request for preschool,
grade school, and youth ministries.
9. Perform other duties as requested by the Senior Pastor.

Please submit resume, three letters of reference, and cover letter to our Personnel Committee

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