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2020 Holy Week

Devotion Guide

Again this year, it is with great joy that I introduce to you our Holy Week Devotion Guide. You will be blessed by the daily devotions written by our church family. As you will discover, the writers bring to this project their individuality and, in some cases, allow us to read pages of their own life stories. We come to realize that through the sharing of our stories, we are connected to one another and to God. Many of the devotions speak to these unprecedented times we are facing. My prayer is that each one will have special meaning, especially since we can’t gather in person during Holy Week as we normally do. May we allow these devotions to draw us closer to each other, closer to the cross and to our Savior, Jesus Christ, who calls us to live in hope as Resurrection people!


With sincere gratitude, I offer thanks to Mr. Jerry Hechler for artistically designing the front cover, to our gifted writers who have written from their hearts, to Sylvia Greene for editing, and to Cathy Faust and Bobbie Huff for publishing. To God be the glory.

Pastor Allison Farrah



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